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Corporate History

1950Feb.Due to the Law on Elimination of Excessive Concentration of Economic Power, Tokyo Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. was established and separated from the Ohito Plant of Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd.
1952Dec.Renamed as Tokyo Electric Co., Ltd.
1958Oct.First in Japan to develop electric adding machines.
1962 Mishima Plant opened to produce lighting equipment.
1963 Trade Division established. Launched world's first "Magic Bag" vacuum cleaner.
1964 "Tostec" electric adding machine series exported to U.S. in volume.
1966Oct.Acquired Tokyo Business Machine Co., Ltd.
1969Aug.Designated to the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1971Jun.Started production of electronic cash register,

Electronic cash register "Maconick"photo of Maconik

1977Jan.Started production of office computers.
1979May.Engaged in printer business.

Dot matrix printerphoto

Jun.First in Japan to export POS systems to the U.S.
Nov.Released the first checkout POS system with scale function (bulk system) in Japan.
1981Oct.Started production of small precision motors.
1985Jan.TEC's first overseas manufacturing subsidiary established in Singapore. Established Semicon Industries Pte. Ltd.
1987Sep.Started to sell "Order Stream", the total POS system for restaurants.
1988Jul.Developed wireless POS system for department stores.
1989Jan.Started full-scale bar code business.
Oct.Hadano Plant receives award as top factory for adopting industry standards by the Minister of International Trade and Industry.
1991Mar.Released the first Toshiba vacuum cleaner with self-propelled brush (with power-steering head) in the industry.
1992Feb.Began delivering next-generation POS systems to 7-Eleven Japan.
Dec.Mishima and Ohito (in 1993) manufacturing facilities awarded ISO9002 international quality standard certification.
1994Apr.Toshiba's facsimile products and laser beam printer business consolidated with TEC's business in the same fields.
Oct.Merged with TEC Electronics Corporation and changed name to TEC Corporation.
1995Apr.Invested in TIM Electronics Sdn. Bhd., a manufacturing center in Malaysia.
Dec.Hadano Plant received ISO9001 certification.
1997Mar.Hadano and Mishima Plants received ISO14001 certification for environmental control systems in March. Ohito Business Center acquired it in June.
1999Jan.Copier business transferred from Toshiba, with lighting business moved to Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation. Trading name changed to Toshiba Tec Corporation.
2000Feb.Created a new corporate logo and company flag to commemorate the 50th anniversary of our establishment.
Aug.Began ASP business for the retail industry.
Oct.Issued the Toshiba Tec Environ-mental Report 2000.
2001Feb.Engaged in business collaboration with Microsoft Corp., in the field of Internet-based retail industry systems.
Jul.Operation began at our new plant for production of photocopiers in Shenzhen, China.
2002Jan.New Mishima Business Center was formed from the union of the Yanagi-cho Business Center and the Mishima Business Center.
2003Dec.Marketed the e-STUDIO 3511/4511 color Net-Ready MFP which also features the convenience of a dedicated black-and-white printer.
2004Jan.Establishied new management policy for the Toshiba Tec Group called "Our FIve Commitments".
Feb.Marketed the IT-3300 hand-held settlement terminal with IC-card capability.
Oct.Marketed the e-STUDIO 350EB Network-Ready MFP that supports "e-blue" erasable toner technology.
2005Jan.Combined and moved Tokyo area offices to new building in Higashi-gotanda district in Shinagawa.
Jun.Osaki Office received ISO14001 certification for environmental control systems in Jun.
Oct.Toshiba Tec Business Solutions Corporation started domestic sales of document processing and telecommunication systems equipment.
2006Jan.Demonstration experiment at a FamilyMart convenience store of EXPRESSPOS, a payment system combining electronic tags and electronic money, as part of the "Japan Future Store Project" promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Apr.Launch of the self-check out system "WILLPOS-Self SS-1000".
Jun.Published TOSHIBA TEC CSR Report as first edition.
Sep.MFP"e-STUDIO3150c" full-color is put on the market by the achievement of a photograph image quality real for the office.
2007Jun.Home Electric Appliances Group was transferred to Toshiba Consumar Marketing Corporation.
Dec."AI Solutions Co., Ltd."has taken over the bar code operations of Tohoku Ricoh Co., Ltd. to strengthen business in that field.

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