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Inkjet Head Business

Inkjet technology is slated for tremendous growth with the expansion of industrial sector applications.

First popularized by home and office printers, inkjet technology is expanding its role in industry as well. TOSHIBA TEC, which leads the industrial inkjet printing market, is working to broaden the application opportunities for inkjet technology. Inkjet’s strengths are its ability to simplify printing processes and improve cost efficiencies and its ability to print without contact on any media – not only paper but also plastics, film, glass, metal, etc. TOSHIBA TEC inkjet technology has even found applications in manufacturing processes for industrial products, such as switches and panel components. Our inkjet heads are also designed to reduce impact on the environment by using UV curable inks that employ UV light in the ink drying and fixing processes to minimize evaporation of Volatile Organic Compounds.

Expected growth in the inkjet printing market Source: Inkjet Trend Study, Japanese Patent Office

Our original droplet-control and fabrication technology bring high-quality output to industrial printing systems.

photo of CB1
The CB1 inkjet head
with multi-drop jetting
photo of CE2
The CE2 inkjet head with
a temperature regulator for
stable jetting and 300 dpi high-resolution printing

We develops, manufactures, and sells on-demand piezo inkjet heads. Taking advantage of multi-drop jetting technology and accurate dot placement technology, both developed by TOSHIBA TEC, these heads are widely employed in the industrial and light-production printing markets. Multi-drop technology produces small sixpicoliter(1) droplets and controls the number of drops per pixel for grayscale effects that enable high-speed and high-quality printing. TOSHIBA TEC intends to spearhead the printing market’s move to inkjet platforms by assembling a broader product line that more closely matches customer needs.

(1) A picoliter is one trillionth of a liter, which is equal to the volume of a cube with sides one-hundredth of a millimeter long.

Multi-drop jetting creates more realistic grayscale effects

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