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Best Partner Offering Total Solutions

Customers and stores, stores and warehouses, warehouses and offices ... Toshiba Tec connects all these vital elements to support businesses, serving as the best partner offering total solutions. We will continue to deliver a wide variety of hardware and a broad range of solutions, from POS systems for convenience stores and MFPs for offices to barcode systems for cargo delivery.

Retail Solutions

The Toshiba Tec Group has become a leading global company in the retail business, since Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions joined the Group in 2012. Taking advantage of our experience and knowledge as a No. 1 global solution provider, we will offer a wide range of solutions not only in-store. Regarding the expansion of our branches overseas, we have established a global network that covers 124 countries and regions, with sales companies in 45 countries, distributors in 79 countries, and over 1,000 business partners. We can closely support customers, not only through consultation to introduce and provide the newest solutions and equipment, but also through maintenance services.

Printing Solutions

Toshiba Tec is the world’s most trusted provider of industry-targeted solutions that help increase the value of ideas and information. Toshiba Tec helps businesses and organizations to enhance their operational and financial performance and to improve their eco-efficiency by transforming the way they capture, manage, display and share information. Operating across multiple industries, Toshiba Tec delivers solutions and services founded on the knowledge and experience of a global team of experts and a comprehensive portfolio of reliable, innovative technology, all within a core eco-strategy.

ODM Solutions

ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer, providing customers with all-round services in the research and development, products-oriented design and manufacturing. We design, build and service world-class turnkey ODM solutions for best in class small and medium-sized enterprises. We deliver state of the art ODM products to key players in various industries. With given expected functions and performance of products or even conception, we bring the conception into reality.

For A Growing Future

Toshiba Tec will introduce its innovative new solutions lineup to leading retailers already working with Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, which is recognized by leaders in the retail business across the world. Toshiba Tec is ideally suited for retail stores and hospitality outlets as well as back office applications. Toshiba Tec's vast offering of smart in-store retail solutions includes digital signage, smart kiosk solutions. And Toshiba Tec will continue to offer eco-friendly solutions that strike a balance between environmental considerations and comfortable work styles. Toshiba Tec is strongly committed to foster long-term client relationships based on trust, responsiveness and a commitment to proactively delivering the best results at the customers' business offices, supply chain operations, retail & hospitality businesses and other B2B (Business-to-Business) operations, across the globe.

Inkjet Printing

Inkjet technology is not only for documents or graphics. It is now widely used in various industrial applications even in product manufacturing, and its applicable fields are rapidly expanding. Its inherent flexibility contributes to the management of small volume production as well as optimal supply chain

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