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Internal Communication

The TOSHIBA TEC Group provides a variety of activities to raise environmental awareness of its employees and their families.

TOSHIBA TEC's Environmental Event

Environmental Seminar

Environmental Seminar Date: June 12, 2013
Location: 2nd Meeting Room,
Tokyo Southern labor administration hall

This seminar on proper waste disposal was provided for people responsible for waste disposal, legal services, logistics and ISO14001 of TOSHIBA TEC Group.
A guest speaker was Mr. Oyasato of the Corporate Environment Management Division of Toshiba.

Lecture on Environmental Awareness

Lecture on Environmental Awareness Date: June 4, 2012
Location: 2nd Floor, TOSHIBA TEC Head Office Building

This lecture was held in the environmental month, as part of educational campaigns to enhance each employee’s environmental awareness. A guest speaker gave a lecture on environmental management and its latest trends.

Environmental Education

The TOSHIBA TEC Group provides environmental education, in order for its employees from new employees to management positions to recognize and implement the importance of environmental management for daily operations and lives. The type of environmental education is annual environmental education for all employees and environmental education according to position and specialty.

Education for All Employees

The e-Learning is used to provide all TOSHIBA TEC employees with annual education about general environmental knowledge, trends, and overall environmental management of the TOSHIBA TEC Group.

Education for All Employees

Education according to Position

Environmental education according to position is provided, for all employees to deepen their understanding of general environmental knowledge, the Basic Policy for the Environment, environment-related laws and regulations, Environmental Action Plan, Environmental Management System and environmental audit.

Education according to Specialty

Environmental education according to Specialty is provided the internal auditors, particular employees, inspectors and development/design engineers in order to learn specific knowledge to fulfill their responsibilities and roles.

Education according to Position and Specialty

Education according to Position and Specialty

Concept regarding Environmental Communication

Initiatives at Shizuoka Business Center

Environmental publicity work in company

Corporate communicationsThe Shizuoka Business Center (Ohito) releases Environmental News, and the Business Center (Mishima) releases IMS* News, including environment, quality, safety and information security, as part of IMS activities, on a monthly basis. The news is distributed by e-mail or posted on the bulletin board, allowing employees to share with their family members. Through these communications the employees are encouraged to cooperate in TOSHIBA TEC Group-wide environmental activities such as environmental management and electricity saving. Particularly after the East Japan great earthquake, electricity saving and other items have been introduced.

*IMS: Integrated Management System

Izu Newspaper article  July 1, 2011
Izu Newspaper article July 1, 2011

Environmental News


TOSHIBA TEC INFORMATION SYSTEMS (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD. (China) releases environmental news in Chinese and Japanese. The news covering environment-related information, such as tree-planting activities, is delivered to relevant divisions.

Environmental News (in Chinese)
Environmental News (in Chinese)

Environmental News (in Japanese)
Environmental News (in Japanese)

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