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Top Message

President and Chief Executive Officer:Takayuki Ikeda

Aiming to be an enterprise that can meet the expectations of all stakeholders based on "Our Five Commitments"

Positioning "Promotion of CSR Management" as a pillar of our management policy to conduct business activities

The TOSHIBA TEC Group is working on "Accelerating Globalization," "Expanding Solution Services" and "Reforming a High-Profit Corporate Structure" based on "Promotion of CSR Management." We aim to become a global one-stop solutions company as our mid and long-term vision of management.

We conduct business activities based on the principles of meeting the expectations of stakeholders, such as customers, shareholders/investors, employees, communities and suppliers, as well as making efforts to bring mutual prosperity. We believe it is essential for the TOSHIBA TEC Group with global operations to gain the trust of all stakeholders in various countries and regions, in response to their needs and expectations, in order to achieve sustainable growth as a corporate group.

We have embodied this idea as our Corporate Philosophy "Our Five Commitments." All the Group employees around the world share and practice this idea by acting in accordance with the "TOSHIBA TEC Group Standards Of Conduct" established based on this corporate philosophy.

Giving top priority to human life, safety and legal compliance

CSR management gives top priority to Human Life, Safety and Compliance.

We have established a risk compliance system, comprehensively covering sales, engineering and production, by assigning me as CRO*, and strive to encourage our employees around the world thoroughly to understand and implement the "TOSHIBA TEC Group Standards Of Conduct." This reflects the top priority we give to Human Life, Safety and Compliance.

In addition, we work to prevent accidents that endanger human life and safety, ensure product safety and enhance the quality assurance system on a global basis, to provide products and services, which customers can use with confidence.

* CRO: Chief Risk Compliance Management Officer

Promoting environmental management

We are committed to fulfilling the role as an enterprise toward a better global environment. In order to build a sustainable society, we are proceeding with the environmental plan by giving top priority to the conservation and protection of the world’s natural resources, in every business process and product. We are also committed to providing environmentally conscious products around the world and reducing environmental impact in every stage of our business activities including development, production and distribution.

Respecting diversity

We recognize and respect differences in culture, history and customs among countries and regions in the world. We value new ideas, which are created when people with different personalities, race, gender and age, enlighten each other. We also make use of human resources by respecting diversity, and focus on the work style innovation of individuals.

Ensuring accountability to stakeholders

We are supported by stakeholders, such as customers, shareholders/investors, employees, communities and suppliers. Through communication opportunities, we commit ourselves to thoroughly identifying and meeting the stakeholders’ expectations as well as disclosing matters to be explained to the stakeholders, in a timely manner.

We will continue to conduct business activities as a corporate citizen that actively contributes to the society. I appreciate and thank you for your continued support and guidance.

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