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Recovery Support for the Great East Japan Earthquake

Hoping to help achieve the earliest reconstruction of the affected areas and affected residents, the TOSHIBA TEC Group has continuously been providing reconstruction support.

Support with Philanthropy Fund

Support with Philanthropy FundIn April 2014, we made donations from the "TOSHIBA TEC Philanthropy Fund," which consists of the contributions from employees' salaries and bonuses, to the "Fukushima Donation for Orphans affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake," to help children in the affected areas, following 2013.

Reconstruction Support Activities by New Employees

In April 2014, as part of the TOSHIBA Group's training program, new employees in fiscal 2014 participated in support activities for fisheries and forest improvement, such as separating wakame seaweed leaves from the stems, putting salted wakame into bags and cypress tree pruning in Shizukawa, Tokura and Iriya, Minamisanriku, as well as Kitakamicho Jusanhama, Ishinomaki in Miyagi.

Contribution of MFP to Ishinomaki City Children's Center

In February 2014, we donated a second-hand color MFP to the Ishinomaki City Children's Center as a children's recreational facility planned and designed by the children of the Children's Community Building Club hosted by Save the Children Japan (NGO).

East Japan Reconstruction Support Event

In November 2013, TOSHIBA TEC Solution Services Corporation held the "East Japan Reconstruction Support Event" as part of its 40th anniversary project. On the day of the event, we invited "Kikumatsu kun," the Chrysanthemum Figure Exhibition's mascot in Nihonmatsu, Fukushima. We also opened a cask of Tohoku's famous sake and held a lottery for Tohoku regional products.

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